Take your weight loss and personal fitness management to the next level with the InBody570 system. InBody570 computes your body composition to provide a comprehensive analysis that will shed light on your overall health. Best of all, it does so without pinching or dunking you in a water tank. Simply stand on the base and hold the arms. After 45 seconds, your test will be over and you’ll have the information necessary to revamp your health and fitness.

InBody 570


  • Provides comprehensive diagnosis data to monitor health.
  • Simple and non-invasive 45 second test.
  • Separately measures the trunk, arms, and legs to accurately calculate body fat, muscle mass, water distribution, and muscular development.
  • Shows you how diet, exercise, and lifestyle choices influence your body composition and overall fitness level.
  • Helps you set attainable fitness goals and figure out what does and doesn’t work for you.
  • Full printed and easy-to-understand results and analysis report

The analysis takes less then 45 seconds.

Go beyond the scale with the InBody Test, a non-invasive body composition analysis that provides a detailed breakdown of your weight in terms of muscle, fat, and water.

With each report receive a 15 to 25 minute success session with a coach to help get you the results that you are looking for!

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Still not convinced about an InBody Test?

Understand Your Weight

When you measure your weight, what are you actually seeing? Weight alone is a poor indicator of health because it does not distinguish fat from muscle. The InBody divides your weight into water, muscle, and fat.

Set Your Goals

BMI is an inaccurate way of measuring how healthy you are. Instead, focus on your body fat to weight ratio, also known as percent body fat. Measuring your Percent Body Fat allows you to better your health from the inside out so you focus on fat loss and not just weight loss.

Measure Your Strength

How much muscle do you have in your arms? Your legs? With the InBody Test, discover how many pounds of lean mass you have distributed in each portion of your body. See which exercises bring out the best results and get balanced gains.

Track Your Progress

Knowing how much fat and muscle you have is only the beginning. With your baseline set, continuously taking the InBody Test allows you to monitor and track the changes in your body.

Prepare for your InBody Test

How to Test 1:50

Watch how you take an InBody Test in this tutorial video. “How to Test” videos are available for all InBody models.

Preparing for Your InBody Test 1:34

Press play to watch what steps you need to take to prepare for your InBody Test. Ensure the most accurate results by adhering to these precautionary steps.

Precautionary Steps 5:11

Watch this video to learn what precautionary steps you should take to prepare for your InBody Test. Follow these guidelines to ensure you get the most accurate body composition results.

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