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Focusing on movement – We approach your fitness, exercise and health program to include Cardio, power, movement strength and endurance. Creating a safe, fun and informative experience for everyone.


With over 20 years of professional experience we have designed a movement based fitness experience. At FIT Austin, we specialize in body composition change (fat loss!), nutrition, mobility, stability, athletic performance and injury prevention. A 360 degree approach to fitness.


From group workouts, seminars and workshops to community fitness and fundraising events, we are passionate about keeping Austin fit!

FIT Austin, a boutique training studio features the best-in-class training programs and equipment. Our signature class Optimize 45 welcomes everyone from beginners to elite athletes with challenging but doable 45 minutes training session/ classes.

Diverse, progressive workouts keep sessions fresh and engaging while helping members improve every aspect of their fitness. Small Group Training means that our members can count on plenty of attention from our coaches ensuring your success.

BOSU Balance Trainer
TRX Lunge

             FIT Austin is where you get results!!

Burn fat and build muscle faster with high-intensity interval training that activates natural human growth hormone.

Increase aerobic capacity, strength and endurance with unique upper-body workouts

Improve cardiovascular health with full-body exercise that’s easy on your joints

Build functional strength by performing weight-bearing exercises that reflect daily activities

Augment power with diverse resistance training

Refine agility with forward, reverse and lateral drills




H0urs Classes & Appointments

Monday, Thursday & Wednesday: 6am–1pm 6–7pm
Tuesday 5am–1pm 6–7pm
Friday 6am–1pm
Saturday 8–11am
Sunday 9–10am

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