Courtney Durando


NASM Certified Personal Trainer

phone: (512) 865-9976


My ultimate mission is to help my clients adopt a healthy lifestyle and provide top level fitness training and education personalized to each client’s goals, abilities and capabilities. I provide my clients with the knowledge, skills, guidance, support and motivation so they can achieve their own full fitness potential and enhance the quality of their lives.


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  • NASM – Certified Personal Trainer
  • NASM – Women’s Fitness Specialist
  • TRX – Advance Group Training Certified



A few training techniques I specialize in:


The foundation of strength training exercise. Build power, endurance, speed and flexibility; while improving coordination and balance.

Fat Loss

With proper nutrition, the right mindset, and a bit of science; reform your overall health and well-being.


Reduce the likelihood of injury and get back to your fitness program faster by creating the appropriate strength and mobility training.

Pre & Postnatal Fitness

Expert coaching to maintain movement during and after pregnancy.



“​I’ve been getting personal training with Courtney for the last year. She is amazing and really knowledgeable. She will explain to you exactly how you should be doing every movement and she will tailor a great workout plan based on your body type and needs. I got stronger and more mindful with my workouts since I started working with her. The most amazing part is that she is pre and pos natal certified as well and it is being amazing to me because she has been helping during my first pregnancy recently, I was feeling lost but she had helped me to understand all the changes that I have been going thru and tailored a completely new workout to keep me active and my baby safe. If you need a down to earth, sweet and knowledgeable trainer Courtney is one of the few in Austin that will help you to keep your workouts safe and real.


Austin, TX USA

“As soon as I spoke to Courtney, it was a done deal – she is so knowledgeable, and beyond that, so personable! We did a quick fitness assessment when I met her for the first time, and it was hard for me to hold a plank for longer than 30 seconds or do ONE pushup. Through the last several months of training with Courtney (and attending classes, which are included when you purchase a personal training package by the way… huge bonus), I am the strongest I have ever been! I’m able to complete sprints, heaps of ab/shoulder/leg/booty exercises, can now easily knock out 15 pushups, and my recovery time has gone way down. My body fat percentage has dropped several points, and I have crushed so many personal goals with the help of Courtney and all of the instructors at FIT.”


Austin, TX USA




H0urs Classes & Appointments

Monday, Thursday & Wednesday: 6am–1pm 6–7pm
Tuesday 5am–1pm 6–7pm
Friday 6am–1pm
Saturday 8–11am
Sunday 9–10am

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