CO-owner and coach

Jennifer Johnson

Certified TRX Coach, Precision Nutrition

CO-owner and coach

Lateef Johnson

ACE - Certified Personal Trainer, ACE - Certified Health Coach, AFAA - Certified Group Fitness Instructor, Animal Flow Level 1 Coach, Matrix Master Trainer, TRX - Level 3 Instructor, Precision Nutrition


Coming Soon 


Courtney Durando

NASM Certified Personal Trainer


Erik Müller

Certified TRX Coach


Kyle Thayer

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Benefits of Personal Coaching

4 Reasons to work with a Professional

Looking for an opportunity to reach Optimal Fitness? Not certain were to start? Started and stopped training plans in the past? Now is the time to get results! Here are 4 Reasons why working with a qualified coach could be the best move you can make! 

1. Motivation

Having a professional to create a plan and celebrate your success. 

2. Consistency

Holding you accountable and assisting in setting goals.

3. Injury Prevention

From beginners to professionals making sure there is a watchful eye to be certain that you are moving in a safe in and effective manner.  

4. FUN

The best way to have an effective and enjoyable training plan. Increase the enjoyment by making the time more social while also getting results.  

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