I'm Lateef 

Co-Owner FIT Austin & I Am Living Fit


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Hello, I am Lateef. 

I have a passion for coaching, motiving, and educating people. I learn something about myself everyday having the opportunity being a coach. Your health and fitness is a journey that requires taking steps daily. 

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website: fitaustin.com

Location: Austin, TX 

Email: lateef@fitaustin.com


A few training techniques I specialize in...


The foundation of strength training exercise. Build power, endurance, speed and flexibility; while improving coordination and balance

Fat Loss

The foundation of strength training exercise. Build power, endurance, speed and flexibility; while improving coordination and balance


Wether your training for a race or just trying to get in shape; reach your finish line injury free and with a smile on your face

Martial Arts 

Functional fitness at its finest. Change your body composition, reboot your system and attain some self defense skills along the way


ACE - Certified Personal Trainer 

American Council on Exercise Rooted in 30 years of science-based research from ACE, the world's largest nonprofit health and fitness certification organization.

AFAA - Certified Group Fitness Instructor 

Athletics and Fitness Association of America For over 30 years, AFAA® has provided generations of instructors with practical skills and hands-on experience needed to inspire and motivate the world to move toward happier and healthier lives.

Animal Flow Level 1 Coach 

Animal Flow® includes a wide range of exercises and movement combinations that are grouped into six components, each designed to elicit specific results.

Matrix Master Trainer

I am a course instructor for Matrix Fitness MX4 Training System

TRX - Level 3 Instructor 

  • GRTC TRX® Group Rip® Training Course
  • STC TRX® Suspension Training® Course
  • SMTC TRX® Sports Medicine Suspension Training® Course
  • RTC TRX® Rip® Training Course
  • ForceLevel2 TRX FORCE® Trainer Course
  • SGT TRX TEAM® Blocks Course
  • AGTC TRX® Advanced Group Training Course
  • FTC Functional Training Course
  • Summit TRX Trainer Summit

Precision Nutrition

Certified Level 1 Nutrition Coach 

What Clients Say

Client Testimonials


I'm SO glad I found FIT! Lateef is an amazing trainer and is running a wonderful business. It's nice to workout and be challenged in a supportive environment that leaves you feeling good about yourself! The classes are kept small so you get lots of personal attention, modifications if needed, and feedback on form. The gym is always spotless. The TRX workouts are fun and really into your core! I also love how the gym feels like a community and people are so nice and friendly. 




Lateef is great, I can't believe the results I've seen so far (strength, toned & the way my clothes fit).  I had a baby a year ago and I'm not one of these uber fit, bounce back in 3 weeks or even 3 months kind of gal.  It took me some time just to find the right kind of work and space that I could feel comfortable in.  Lateef is motivating & encouraging without being a drill sergeant, I really love it here and encourage others to give it a try!




Lateef is what you are looking for- for all levels.  Beginner?  he gets it.  Advanced ironman triathlete?  he's got that too.

I joined after the first visit because it was a great work out, good form and good attention to detail.

If you need a coach and you want to get into your BEST POTENTIAL shape- give it a try... you will be feeling the good pain soon enough.



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