Are you an A, B, or C student?

Jun 16, 2022

 by Lateef Johnson

Suppose you had to grade yourself today – right now! – on your eating and nutrition skills, would you get an A, B, C … or …?

(haha: we're talking about “healthy” eating here, for the record.)

Most of us think of eating/nutrition as something we should automatically KNOW about …

… or we even label them as virtues.

EXAMPLE: We can’t even count how many times clients have told me they have been “good” or “bad” when food. 

But there ARE skills involved – things like meal planning, grocery shopping, meal prep (aka cooking!), knowing which foods fill you up, which ones make you feel hungry, etc.

Understanding portion sizes is also a skill. we just released my latest ebook to help with this, The Handy Portion Guide.


Some of us were never taught these things growing up! Or we’ve been taught so many conflicting things it’s hard to know WHAT to believe.

Focusing on building these skills is a GREAT mindset switch. 

It is empowering (vs. restricting) because it’s not about deprivation – it’s about creating a healthy and fit lifestyle that you enjoy.

A few more learnable skills (obviously, this depends on your goals & lifestyle):

  • Finding 3-4 breakfast options that taste great and keep you filled up till lunchtime
  • Knowing how to meal prep during busy weeks
  • Protein: understanding how to make sure you’re getting enough for your goals
  • Veggies: finding ways to work them into your meals (most of us don’t eat enough!)
  • Getting great at once-weekly grocery shopping (& streamlining it so you can get in and out fast)
  • Discovering snacks that satisfy you AND don’t derail your progress

Taking time to master these skills will move you closer to your goals … and give you a foundation that will last you a lifetime.

Just something to think about!